We are looking for a designer for the R&D of our new sensory show, Touching Home, which celebrates the stories of London migrants. 

Following a first stage of R&D supported by Theatre Deli and Arts Council England, we are working with the Migration Migration to further develop the show. We will present two scratch performances in April and May 2019 as part of the museum’s immersive exhibition Room to Breathe.


We are looking for a designer that could explore new ideas around mobile, portable, immersive and sensory design. We also have a particular interest in storytelling through materials so would like to use materials that reflect the theme of migration: diverse, possibly recycled materials and found objects, celebrating change and adaptability. At this stage of the project, we would be working with our designer to develop a few basic concepts and prototypes of design that could be used in our spring performances. We aim to develop the show into a fully immersive production in winter 2019-2020 and are interested in developing long-term partnerships with potential designers. 

Our company specialises in site-sensitive theatre and we like the idea of having flexible and mobile design can be adapted to a range of site-specific locations. As a result, we are looking for a designer with:

  • Experience in working outside theatre spaces (e.g. outdoor, site-specific or immersive productions)

  • An interest in creating participative and sensory design that plays an active part in performances and can be viewed from all directions

  • Interest in designing mobile and flexible scenographies that can be contained in a small space (e.g. a box, a suitcase)

  • An interest in sharing migration stories through visual storytelling

  • The ability to work on a limited budget

Designer fee: £500 for an equivalent of five days of work carried out between March and May 2019. 


To apply: please send your CV, a link to your portfolio and why you are interested in the project to by 22 February.