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How does it feel like to leave your country, to abandon everything that connects you to home to find a new home? And if you couldn’t use words, how would you express it?

Touching Home will be a new sensory theatre show inspired by the everyday stories of London migrants. Walking away from the dramatic narratives shared by the media, we want to explore the intimacy of the experience of leaving one’s country. But we won’t describe it: we want audiences to feel it, to touch it, to smell it, to taste it. 

Entering someone's first bedroom in a new land. Tasting their favourite dish. Dancing with a stranger to feel the rhythms of a faraway land. And hearing the multiple memories of the many people who have decided to make London their home.

Past performances:

3 April and 22 May 2019: scratch performances at the Migration Museum, as part of their Room to Breathe immersive exhibition

6 December 2018: scratch performance at the Migration Museum

23 June 2018: interactive installations in Burgess Park as part of Beyond Borders Festival, organised by Theatre Deli  

6 June 2018: presentation at Richmix, as part of the Open Senses Festival, Ideas in Progress

4 May 2018: R&D sharing at the Old Library, Theatre Delicatessen 

Project partners:

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