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27 degrees north: the latitude at the crossroads between Lima, Brussels and Zagreb.

27 degrees is a multicultural collective of artists creating sensory audience experiences in unusual spaces. We believe the arts should not just take place behind the closed doors of theatres, and all a theatre company needs is a solid suitcase and a sense of adventure. We perform in public spaces, churches, museums, underground tunnels, or in the middle of woods.

Our work interweaves theatre with music, circus, dance, puppetry and installation to create immersive and sensory journeys that appeal to the widest possible audiences. With an artistic voice that is both visual and physical, we revisit traditional stories that resonate with the contemporary world. We don’t believe that theatre will change the world, but like the hummingbird we will still work on it, one show at a time.



Born in Peru, Chusi Amorós is a dancer, circus performer and theatre maker. Her work seeks an active audience across a variety of narratives, with a particular interest in immersive and cross-sensory experiences. Her passion for movement and devising has led her to work with many interdisciplinary artists and companies in Lima and London. Her background in aerial dance fosters her interest in using the verticality of space. As a kid, Chusi believed she would one day turn into a cat. She is still waiting...


Croatian-born, London-based actor and theatre-maker, Dajana Trtanj is interested in creating innovative sensory and immersive theatre. She worked with theatre companies like the Shotgun Carousel, Spectators’ Guild, the Heritage Arts Company and the salon: collective, as well as performed at a range of theatres and festivals, from Wilderness Festival to the Rio Olympics. Dajana recently finished performing in Divine Proportions, a four-month immersive spectacle at the Vaults. Dajana hates intense board games because they evoke her split personality. She thinks the letter F is cool because lots of great things start with it, such as fun, fizz, food, friends, family, Friday or fairy tales.


Belgian-born Marie Klimis is a writer, theatre-maker and project manager who is passionate about bringing art to the weirdest possible spaces. She has created sound installations in libraries, shadow puppetry in bathrooms, brought a disco lift to a museum, a mermaid to a public aquarium and put dozens of pianos in the streets of London. She’s also written a book involving giant sheep and chocolates that make you fall in love. She tells stories, makes puppets, creates sets out of trash, and designs out-of-this-world colour-coded schedules. She also shook the hand of the Queen of England, dressed as a sailor.

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